Where to use Eco-kourasani: Eco kourasani is easily applied like any plaster. It is used for the final finish and needs no painting.
It can also be used as a mortar, resulting an even more durable wall structure and breathable too.
It can also be used on the floors (Santorini patito), which apart from exceptional strength, produces a Byzantine cotto or relief effect.

How to apply Eco kourasani: We first apply a coat of primer and when it dries (preferably the next day) we apply Eco kourasani. Allow to set, not to dry and rub as usual the surface, depending on the style, you want.

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Styles and Textures with Eco kourasani: Depending on the application, we can have a smooth surface or a more coarse one (stucco veneziano - venetian plaster or sand finish). We can use either an electrical tool or a hand tool or a wet foam to achieve the proper result.

Have you already applied plaster?  Did you know that Eco-kourasani can be used on top of any existing plaster as a paint?  Ask for more information.

Look for characteristic applications with Eco kourasani in our Photo Gallery

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