What we do: Need to paint your home? Are you looking for a contractor and trained staff for your plasters? Are you building, restoring, redecorating your home or your office?
You are in the right place! Our trained staff can undertake any kind of painting, mortar and plaster jobs and your floors. Contact us and we will make a quick calculation of the cost for you. Then, we'll visit the building for a closer look and we will prepare for you a detailed offer, which will include all possible costs and a detailed analysis of the job. We are in a position to make a hard to beat offer.

The materials we use: We use only the best materials, so we can guarantee the best result for any surface, not only aesthetically but also in terms of durability and ecology.
We use only Natural, Ecological Paints and Varnishes biopin, from Germany, which are made exclusively from natural resources and are friendly to both the environment and human health. We use only Ecological Eco-kourasani, for any plaster or mortar job, for buildings that breath. The rest of the materials, we use, are carefully chosen, so as to fulfill the requirements of ecological building.

Expertise and technical equipment: Thanks to our in depth knowledge of our working field, to our carefully chosen and highly trained staff and to our commitment to perfection, we are in a position to offer to our customers real value for their money. All above mentioned assets, combined with the latest technical equipment, allow us to properly execute any job, whether it's small or big.

Our permanent goal is to be recognised by offering a high level of work for a sensible price!

Standards and Guarantees: All operations are delivered guaranteed, as agreed, fully finished, without defects, without debris, always with the best materials and always within the agreed time limits, consistently and accurately.

We leave only satisfied customers and that is our commitment.

Want to know more? Ask us, we'll be glad to inform you.

Did you know that Eco-kourasani can be used on top of any existing plaster as a paint?
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